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Life is hard. Much of it spills out into our spirits doing damage which can eventually become troublesome for our body and mind. A large amount of BeePhotopain and illness starts as spiritual disturbances in the body’s energy field years before it creates a physical manifestation. Linda is an advanced spiritual healer and psychic surgeon who deals with these issues.

Most people can not see the spiritual injuries we are dealt on a daily basis. People usually just feel things are out of balance or not going right. So they get a sense, but don’t do anything about it until things progress to medical treatment even to their death bed, where we can help, but not usually reverse the damage beyond that of the spirit.  We encourage folks to contact us when things just ‘aren’t right’.

Spiritual issues include

Daily negative influences
– Negative talk from others
– Being reamed out by boss/teacher/family member
– Divorce or other end of love relationship
– Loss of a loved one
– Other major loss like pet, job, friends
– Conflict
– Moving Stress

Common problems (trauma experienced first hand or on Television or Movie)
– car accident
– a family or friend dying
– a shoot out
– mugging, rape or spousal abuse
– being told have a chronic or terminal illness

Items given at birth
– through our ancestral lines ( Past lives)
– karmic issues

Invading spirits
– possessions
– walk-ins
– slivers of living relatives or well meaning passed relatives
– energy vampires
– aborted or miscarried children
– controlling past sexual relationship (divorce or breakup)

– unintentional grumblers
– intentional spells from witches, voodoo and such
– cursed object
– law of attraction done wrong

– Going to healers who are not aligned with your spirit doing more damage than good. (This is for those who felt good until the went with a friend to an event or they went to a healer and now feel off/out of balance.)

Past Lives
– Sorry to say it but your DNA not only carries your grandfather’s eye color but also spiritual issues that is why we are born with personality, made up from a combination of family member’s past experiences. Often time this gives us wonderful family skills like being musically inclined, but often leaves unresolved issues which you feel compelled to clear in this life time. Some call this Karma and many call it past lives. Christians call it sins of the father and it goes back seven generations according to the Bible. Note: This is different than most past life works which use a form of hypnotism and suggestion confabulation.

All these items can zap your energy and after about two years playing on your spiritual health can impact your physical health in forms of cancers, chronic illnesses and worse. Since it usually takes two years for a spiritual issue to become a physical one, Linda recommends a yearly spiritual cleanse.

We have come a long way. It was only two generations ago most would always see the spiritual doctor before going to the regular doctor. And now most of us don’t know what a spirit doctor is. At some point we became more body lead than spirit lead in our understanding of spirit, body, mind concepts. This is probably because of the advancement of modern medicine. New is better in most people’s eyes. What Linda does is old, very old. Learned from ancient healing systems practiced by various tribal cultures.

Linda works on the spirit level and she has recently seen television shows based on her client’s promptings. She is a clairvoyant, a clairsentient and a medium. Her work and life views are similar to those from the Ghost Whisperer and the Dead Zone series. She does not need to touch anything, she just needs the proper spiritual addressing to access the spirit. She will either observe an event or be part of the movie, the difference is while in the movie she does healing activities instead of simply observe. These two television shows are fundamental and only able to partially represent the complexities of the spirit world, but those of you familiar with these shows might have an AHA moment of some of what Linda does.

Linda does remote work over the phone or via e-mail for most of her advanced work; but she will do in office work for local folks. She both treats folks as well as mentors healers who are seeking to advance their skills.

Linda works on your current energy system, she will go into the future and past to work things out as well as the the various levels of heaven and hell to resolve spiritual issues and bring the spirit back to wholeness. She can only do what God allows her as well as what the client’s spirit allows so there are limitations to the work, but Linda will do her best to resolve what your spirit wants to work on. Your spirit has the lead in this work.

You may have a session with Linda or enroll a 21 day daily remote session once you have completed a client intake session. Linda accepts a limited number of people at one time for the daily remote work, so you may be wait listed if the demand is high. Linda sends healing energy for the person. This is whatever the person needs in general it is 20 minutes sent and it can vary between 5 minutes and two hours depending on the spirit’s fight.

The one-on-one session is more powerful and direct. After getting rid of external spiritual influences, Linda can guide you to a memory where she may be able to access and unlock a specific memory that your spirit normally would hide. Your mind doesn’t even have to remember the physical details of the memory. People have gotten benefit from just feeling their current pain and Linda accessing and clearing the memory component.

Psychic surgery is very complex but one aspect is similar to what a medical surgery would do, but on the spiritual level. If the body accepts the spiritual change, then there could be a ripple effect to the body and mind.  This isn’t designed to replace modern medicine, but to compliment it. You should always check with your medical doctor.

Using a form of prayer and medical intuition, Linda can do psychic surgery on the spirit level that is too delicate to be done on the physical level.  For example once Linda shared what was being requested by the spirit with a neurosurgeon who told her she was reattaching brain neurons. The doctor said it is still impossible to do on the physical level. The basis of this work presumes the we are spirits leading a physical life.

The other aspect of this advanced work is removing demons and negative entities, stopping energy bleeders and other things on the spirit level which prevents the body from naturally healing.  Some of this may be done in the various levels of heaven and hell and can also be done in various future and past planes.  The spirit level does not have a time space limitation and Linda regularly transverses these planes.

Linda is one of the leading healers who does spiritual releasements to remove spiritual influences impacting your soul.

Advanced healings also includes hauntings of objects or locations.  This website includes some of the haunting stories and reviews of ghost tours from various towns. You will also find some information about spirits in general. There is a growing curiosity of the spirits with paranormal groups showing up and being televised. Be warned, do not mess with spirits if you do not know what you are doing! Possession is very easy in our day and age because of our modern environment. With things being televised, it makes things seem safer, but it is like thinking a bear is cute because you’ve grown up sleeping with a teddy bear.

Minimum Fees, we suggest you give more if you feel you have received benefit.

First Session (approximately an hour) Following session on same day with different family member same household
Daily Remote Work – recommended for chronic pain and death watches. $120 client intake

$210/21 days

 $80 each hour

$210/21 days

One-on-One Remote Session including evaluation session $120 each hour $90 each hour if next session is within a week $90 each hour
Spiritual Releasement or Simple House Clearing (i.e. something doesn’t feel right) $200 first hour $100 additional hours $100 each hour
Evil Haunting causing disturbances $500 each hour $120 for consult hour $500 each hour
Psychic Surgery $120 consult hour includes basic auric cleanse. $500 adult or child $400 adult / $200 child

Linda’s expertise is only in metaphysical field and the client’s spirit dictates the journey therefore she is not able to promise or guarantee any results. She will promise to do her very best work. She requires a complete  Remote intake form and the first payment in order to book a session. You may use the donate button in the right column of this website or mail a check to the designated address with your intake form.

Sorry Linda can not help those who are unable to pay the minimum fees for services. It is an energy exchange and those she has helped without payment in the past have only a temporary healing. And while it is a few hours of freedom, the exchange of funds seems to cement the energy exchange. Clients who take the time to gather the funds with the proper heart and preparation receive greater benefit from the work.  The ancient systems would charge on a yearly salary with the fee being one or two years worth of income for the person.   Fees, especially in America have become detached from the work.

Also Linda holds the right to refuse any situation which is dangerous to her soul and anything which God says she is not to do. There has been situations which Linda is only allowed to provide support mostly because God has them in a learning situation. In most cases God will provide some instructions as to what the person needs to do. Fees are adjusted down to a remote one-on-one life coaching fee.

It is Linda’s heart to help you with these difficult spiritual issues.  And yes she will literally go into heaven and hell and back for you with this work.  It is serious and difficult work and may take several sessions to remove all the spiritual layers. Often people think of this work as one time miracles- Moses waved his staff type events. In some cases it is but in most cases, the client’s spirit can not go through change so fast.

You do not have to believe in anything but you do need a healing heart. One that is not so tied to the world of greed and power. Some have healed (children with parent’s permission) without knowing they are being worked on. Some of the reasons why healings fail are because the recipient believes it isn’t going to work for various reasons, believes the healer is not good enough, believes God can’t love them enough to heal, believes no one can help them, believes they don’t deserve healing. One of the big ones interfering with healing is that those who are sick are not ready/willing to let go of the sickness benefits which may be anything from someone else cooks for them to getting more attention from someone. Linda tries to shift the spirit for the person in these areas but again, ultimately it is the client’s spirit which decides its journey.

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Spirit Bender

When you need something beyond standard spirit medicine, then it is time to work on an advanced level especially if

* You have seen multiple healers with no resolve,
* You feel you are being influenced by other spirits,
* You or a loved one actually experience an entity first hand.

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Legals: You must be at least 18 years or older to receive services- except where noted. Parents and legal guardians may request services for their children. You must live with the United States for us to call you, we can communicate through e-mail. You agree that your wellness therapy and spiritual consultation is subject to your own interpretation is for entertainment and your personal growth purposes only. Information you receive does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Choices and actions based on the content of your session are your own responsibility. When you register for any service you are agreeing to operate under these legal statements. Also note privacy is guaranteed based on clergy privacy privileges, but we must follow law and report suspected child abuse.