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Seeing Spirits

Linda, A woman “found” me last weekend she has been seeing spirits since she was 8 and it’s all become too much for her health, family, business. I told her how to use white light and I will be there for her. what do you think? —————- It is more complex than white light…this is […]

March 17, 2013 0
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Trauma – spirit out of body

Linda, I had an interesting experience today at a doctor’s office. As I was waiting, another couple came into the waiting area, older couple and he was in a wheel chair. I had a feeling like they wanted my help. So, I started talking to them, and he opened up right away and told me […]

March 17, 2013 0
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Remote possession story

While one of our therapist was a student, she was on a Panama cruise.  While going through the locks a shipmate asked her  if she could work on her niece who was very ill.  Our therapist wasn’t sure but said she would try right there and then.   Traditionally a therapist uses the name, age and […]

November 30, 2012 0
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Earth Bound Spirits

Question: You mention unlocking the earth-bound spirits to return them to heaven.  I have trouble with this concept. I don’t understand why/how spirits can be stuck on earth and need help getting to heaven. What’s the basis for such a concept? For instance, is there any scriptural basis? The Bible refers to these spirits as […]

February 7, 2010 0
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Linda works with removing bad spirits and helping you touch base with good spirits. There are spirits that influence a body or a location in a negative way and they are playing on people’s health. If you or someone you know now have different tastes, moods or reactions since a traumatic event, there is a […]

January 31, 2010 0

Spirit Bender

When you need something beyond standard spirit medicine, then it is time to work on an advanced level especially if

* You have seen multiple healers with no resolve,
* You feel you are being influenced by other spirits,
* You or a loved one actually experience an entity first hand.

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