Earth Bound Spirits

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Question: You mention unlocking the earth-bound spirits to return them to heaven.  I have trouble with this concept. I don’t understand why/how spirits can be stuck on earth and need help getting to heaven. What’s the basis for such a concept? For instance, is there any scriptural basis?

The Bible refers to these spirits as the person’s angel… The verse that comes to mind is from Acts 12 where Rhoda opens the door for Peter and folks thinks it is his angel.  These angels look and act exactly like the person…

These folks are still on earth without their body only in spirit form… In my experience they have died in a traumatic event and their spirit jumps out of the body before the actual death occurs so they can’t experience the physical death.. which has stages to it in the senses including colors,  sounds and smells… I think as a transition for the spirit to recognize death… one of the last steps in a natural death is the sense of peace.

These spirits are basically lost and they don’t seem to work on the same spirit level as the angels… so they still have human senses limitations or never realized they have more… they don’t know where to go or what to do and can possess another human body during trauma or depression.  It can even happen during the trauma of birth.

This possession that occurs is often considered by others as a walk-in or when it happens in small children who remember intimate details of the other spirit’s life, it is considered a reincarnation of the person who died.   This has been scientifically proven by people who were trying to prove that reincarnation exists that these cases were just ones of possession since the majority of the children where already born when the spirit died.

Usually the child possession cases resolve at age 10 when the child gets the adult brain I am guessing it is strong enough to kick out the other spirit.  But you will find most children who see friends and remember past lives stop doing so around  age ten.

These spirits are directly addressed in the Bible, but Jesus told the disciples in Matt 17 that the only way to get rid of ‘this kind’ of demon is through prayer and fasting which implies that there are other kinds of spirits which can be removed through other methods…the Bible isn’t designed to be a complete reference to spirits,  although that would have been nice…  It is our first defense in understanding the spirit world and our position within it, but we are never told the exact formula how to remove spirits or what type of spirits there are.

This along with healing methods were passed through the generations and that is why many healing methods can only be learned through a mentor and given as a gift from God.  Personally I rely on God’s information while I’m in prayer on the spirits and He is the one who lets me know when something is not beneficial for the person and needs to be removed.



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