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BeePhotoLinda is an extremely talented Psychic Medium and Psychic Surgeon. She provides hands-on work and Life Coaching throughout the Philadelphia Western Suburbs as well as remote work throughout the globe and throughout various time frames when heaven allows.

She has the courage to work with the spirit world and has effectively removed demons, earthbound spirits and slivers of living spirits trying to control a person. She has broken curses for objects and people and effectively put blessings into homes and businesses to allow them to grow even in this poor economy.

Linda reserves the right to refuse any work based on the perceived danger. She only works with the triune God and is open to the spirits He sends, which often times angels assist. She will go into the depths of Hell when necessary showing no fear but she also knows her limitations very clearly.

Since she was a child Linda always saw spirits and had a power to heal, but was not trained until her late 30’s.   Probably a crystal child who prepares the way for indigo children. As early as nine others (even strangers) recognized and encouraged her ability.  Yes it is odd to be stopped at the grocery store or at the pool and praised for the ‘white light’ that surrounds you or the angels who follow you.   All throughout life Linda encountered other healers or angels who would share nuggets.  If she was in a culture which recognizes healers, she would have been raised by them, but God provided training differently.

As a teenager there were  huge number of out of body and angel and demon encounters.  At that time Linda was frightened by these events and she tried to block them out of her life.  Thinking like the ostrich, if she hid her head in the sand things weren’t happening.  She was fortunate her youth pastor and his wife were advocates of yoga so there was a daily sunrise prayer service before school where she practiced yoga and learned the power of prayer.  She was protected by God and the angels He sent during those tough years.   Linda had an encouraging angel encounter at age 16.  The angel took her to heaven and shared some information about her purpose which she remembers he said ‘she would know when the time was right.’  She clearly remembers the peace of heaven and that she had a purpose which would be eventually shown her.

While in her late 20’s, before her official training  Linda healed a loved one who was expected to die within a few hours. As she was saying goodbye to this person, she held the person’s hand and felt energy go through her into the patient’s heart.  The doctor’s dismissed the patient within three days calling it a miracle. Linda knew it was the power of God and she was just a conduit of prayer. This incident was key to her knowing there was a God and it turned her life around to look into who He was, at that point Linda was an agnostic practicing white witchcraft.  About four years later she had a salvation event and ultimately dedicated herself to God.  Today with her training, Linda knows exactly what happened and how God used her in the earlier event.

Linda is very scientific and business oriented, working in global software development for 20 year leading huge mufti-million dollar projects. She has witness God move amazing  mountains during some impossible projects.  Linda was fortunate enough to work with some other born agains who were strong prayer warriors.  She learned the power of corporate prayer and was given some strong believers to lead her in her journey as a baby born again.

Linda was going onto the missions field in early 2000’s and received a whose who for her college work in Bible studies. God had another plan and redirected her with an environmental illness of acute mercury poisoning from a filling which fell out in an unusual way. With the prognosis of death within a few years years, Linda went on a journey to find out how Jesus healed reasoning the material wasn’t written but had to be passed down by word of mouth.  In order to do this training, Linda had to leave her born again tribe who thought the training was new age. But once she said yes to God, He opened so many doors, Linda knew this was the path she was to walk.

Her travels took her to foreign lands meeting many healers who would ultimately share their styles. Linda mentored with Kahunas on Hawaii, Medicine people from the Dine(Navajo) and Hopi Tribes as well as one of the top ten healers in US who is now in Bali teaching spiritual healing. Of course Linda being the person she is also read many books written by healers and countered it with research from the scientific community. Linda’s training surpassed her mentors in many areas and she has reached the point where healers come to her.  She has formal training in over 20 different healing styles before she realized that any new style is a different combination of those things she already knew (nothing new under the sun.) She got her PhD in holistic life coaching from University of Sedona, where she also got her bachelors and masters in metaphysics.

In the process Linda has healed and understood the true difference between healing and curing. Her body still suffers issues from the poisoning but she is still alive beyond predictions of her doctor’s, her heart is one with God and walks a conscious life of truth.   In Linda’s mind the experience proves the spirit is the leader in the body, mind spirit triad. Being healed lets Linda freely lead a life connected to others and the universe, filled with love and care no matter if the physical body lasts one more second or twenty years.

Like many truly great healers, Linda has experienced a near death experience and received the ‘healing download’. Only others who have had the NDE can understand the shift and the ability to view the world with healer’s heart. The experience has helped her overcome the natural fear of death, but also allows her to ‘walk’ in both worlds, like a door has been opened and one foot on earth and one in heaven.   Ultimately this horrible poisoning has been such a blessing to open up the doors and allow her to learn about her and enhance her healing abilities.

Linda is a born again Christian with a Bible degree and two interfaith ordinations. The work she does is of a spiritual nature and is one of a healing minister. All information shared is client/pastor private but according to law she must report suspected child abuse. Also according to Pennsylvania law she is not permitted to work on animals even remotely; it is considered animal abuse. Although she will help clients with animal issues which are causing issues to their spirits. (Think of a neighbor shooting an attacking dog; it isn’t animal abuse.)  Of course she can only work within God’s limits and that of the spirit.

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