Advance Healings

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Advanced Healings Include

Spirit Releasement & Deposessions

These are releasing negative spirits which are inside of you. These may include demons, earthbound or spirit slivers of people who are alive but either sucking off your energy or trying to control you.

Removing Negative Energies

These are energy imprints usually from others who came before you. This should be done whenever you get a new used object like a home, a car, a great find at an antique shop or the wonderful piece your parents passed to you.

Ghost Busting

These are those spirits that are roaming earth causing disturbances. These often scare kids who are autistic (who can usually see them.)

Breaking Curses / Spells

These are spells cast intentionally or unintentionally on you by others to cause you harm. These happen frequently unintentionally by what is called a grumbling spell and it may not fall onto the person who one is grumbling about, but another innocent in the home.

As example, the mother of your divorced husband is grumbling about not seeing the kids because you have custody. The grumbling is against you, but it could display on your child’s health or behavior. Be careful breaking a grumbling spell, usually the spell goes back to the grumbler and makes them ill.

Energy Surgery* or Psychic Surgery

Similar to the Energy Medicine, but employs methods from various ancient cultures to do surgical routines on an energy basis, such as applying internal stitches, fixing slipped disks, replenishing the disk material, removing toxins from the blood, fixing out of placed bones, removing diseased tissues, or reconnecting misfiring nerves in the brain for children with Autism or ADD.

This spiritual work can ripple to the physical level if the body accepts the healing. The effectiveness depends on the belief system of the client. Those clients either too invested in the outcome or too unbelieving will not have as great a recovery as those who approach it with an innocent heart.

The healer ‘goes into’ the body spiritually to complete the task and also into various spiritual realms.

Advanced healings usually needs no more than an hour. Pre-consult and post consult times are charged at standard hourly rate.   While Linda would like to help everyone, she reserves the right to refuse work in any situation depending on risk to her spirit.  She uses God’s guidance for the determination of this risk.

The thing about working with the spirits is that the owner can invite them back again, so they may be removed when Linda leaves, but the owner always has the ability to bring them back.

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Spirit Bender

When you need something beyond standard spirit medicine, then it is time to work on an advanced level especially if

* You have seen multiple healers with no resolve,
* You feel you are being influenced by other spirits,
* You or a loved one actually experience an entity first hand.

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